The Matagorda Bay System offers some of the best kayak fishing on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. To fully understand the area, purchase waterproof fishing map F108 from HookN-Line .

Where to fish: If you are getting to your launch site by vehicle visit Matagorda Adventures. Matagorda Adventures has photos, descriptions and directions for East Matagorda Bay. Kayak launch sites on the north side of West Matagorda Bay that are accessible by vehicle are:

Carl Park at FM 521 and Tres Palacios River, Grassy Point off Highway 35 Business in Palacios, the bridge at Oyster Lake, and Jensen Point on Turtle Bay. If you ferry your kayak with a bay boat, the south shore of West Matagorda Bay consists of bayous, coves, and lakes connecting to the bay. All of these backwater areas are excellent fishing.

Learn to fish: If kayak fishing is something that you would like to try, contact Matagorda Adventures about a kayak fishing learning experience. They will show you how to rig your tackle, which kayak works best for fishing, and what paddle to use.

When to kayak fish: Fish are stimulated to feed by water movement and moon phases.
Texas Fish & Game Magazine includes the times each day that moon phases will stimulate fish to bite. In the same section of Texas Fish & Game, Sportsman’s Daybook shows tidal movement. Water temperature is another consideration. When water is very cold or very warm, fish slow way down and rarely feed. In the summer, early morning has the lowest water temperature and in the winter, afternoon has the warmest water temperature.