773 Cypress St, Matagorda, TX 77457, USA
773 Cypress Street Matagorda Texas 77457 US

Chef Edie Lanier is an honors graduate of the Culinary Arts program at The Art Institute of Houston.
Spoonbills Restaurant in Matagorda is her first step in pursuing her life-long dream of owning a restaurant.

Why Matagorda? As a life-long weekend resident of Matagorda (her family has owned a beach house since 1959) she has watched as the town and island have grown from a sleepy backwater to one of the hottest properties on the Texas coast. A restaurant that features fresh seasonal foods will be a first for Matagorda County.

Chef Edie is an avid fisherman and has spent many hours on Matagorda bays. In fact, she holds the Texas state record for a Triple Tail that was caught in West Matagorda Bay.