SpoonbillsIf birding is your passion and you want the ultimate birding experience, come and bird in Matagorda County. Our county has been #1 in the nation since 1997 in the North American Audubon Christmas Bird Count with 234 different species spotted. Among the more impressive species which have been reported are the Prairie Warbler, Common Poorwill, Broadwing Hawk, Macgillivray’s Warbler and Swainson’s Warbler.

Many of our fishing & kayak guides will take birders on an exhilarating view of nature’s beauty on our bays and rivers to view ducks, coots, loons, grebes, cormorants and mergansers. Fall through spring birding is the best birding seasons because Matagorda is within the flyway of many migratory birds. However, the pristine environment around Matagorda allows year round presence of many birds including several pair of nesting bald eagles.

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